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Basic First Aid Kit
paw Electrolytes
paw Nutri-cal
paw Benadryl
paw Pepto-Bismol
paw Aspirin (never give to cats)
paw IV catheter
paw IV fluids with tubing
paw Irrigation solution/Saline
paw Thermometer
paw K Y Jelly
paw Hydrogen Peroxide
paw Alcohol
paw Neosporin
paw Hydrocortisone cream
paw Surgical scrub Gloves
paw Syringes
paw Tweezers
paw Bandage scissors
paw Tape / Vet wrap
paw Square gauze sponges
paw Roll gauze
paw Telfa pads
paw Mosquito hemostats
paw Blanket
paw Cold pack
paw Q-tips
paw Razor
paw Pen light
paw Skin staplers

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